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Re: Pure StarWars Discussion

[quote=""Thranduil""]Khal, those are very cool. I liked your vid's. My age is showing when I see this stuff, you 3D print these things yourself? I'm definitely old school making my stuff the way I do. What are the blades made of? They look like aluminum tube when it's off. Can th...

Re: New Weta everywhere you look!

just pre ordered both Tauriels daggers and bow. To be honest I am a bit frustrated because with my mentality, if i start a collection with Weta for the hobbit weapons, I have to finish it. The same goes for UC. So I hope I do not find myself with doubles of almost all Weta and UC weapons, especially...

Re: Knife of Gandalf!

i appreciate you thinking of me with this item but i actually only like to collect the props from the movies...this knife is not up my street....i was gonna say not my cup of tea but thats way too stereotypical since i am from london lol

Re: United Cutlery's - The Hobbit - Movie Props!

[quote=""RevAnakin""]Who knows, they might make a plaque so awesome that everyone will be scrambling just to get a hold of it!?! Who knows, either way, I think I'll wait. More swords on the market, more saturation and I have a better chance of even scoring an old one for cheaper....

Re: Orcrist Revealed


weta just emailed me to say that my order for dwalins axes and balins mace has arrived at eh k warehouse been dispatched and is on its way to me already!!!

I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and upload them as soon as they arrive


Re: High Elven Bow

I think 200 is okay - as for the white text - it says only for display - the weird thing is yeah, is that i thought it would have that sort of double curve you know how it goes in and out and then in and out again like a wobbly line - but it doesn't - it just forms a normal curve

Re: High Elven Bow

[quote=""Nazgûl""]BTW: I'll get the bow for 200€, pretty much for a non functional bow, but I really like the gold platings etc. And compared to the 400€ from that shop it looks like a steel as it's mint condition too. Also the bow is sold out from the manufacture. It's a german ...

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