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I don't know how many of you remember the LOTRPlaza (fourm) that was first started (I'm guessing) around 2002 (but it may have started before 2002) .
A few years ago it was basically shut down by a rogue admin. The members tried to keep some semblance of it going on Facebook..... Not sure how that went.
But I was on Reddit and something prompted me to check out LOTR Plaza there (It was on Reddit I first read about what caused the site to shut down).
Lo and behold a recent post said the Plaza is again up and running; a lot of the original members have rejoined.

Even if you were a member on the old forum you have to rejoin... I managed to snag my fav name 'Deimos.'
Anyway, I thought it was great news, and thought I would share it here. :cheering:

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