The Sword of Arya

Being a fan of the books (not the film) Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr I decided to buy a few of the swords featured in the film. The movie was terribly made and it seemed to be telling its own story. Many major elements were changed or completely removed.

However the only good thing about the film was the actors (although not all of them). Sienna Guillory (Arya), John Malkovich (Galbatorix), Jeremy Irons (Brom) and Robert Carlyle (Durza) were the actors that seemed to support this movie. Although they didn't have much to work from, the actors did a great job with what they had.

Being a fan of the character Arya and of Sienna, I decided to buy her sword. However when I first went to buy it originally, that stupid UK law was bothering the person who was going to sell it to me. So 2 years later I finally found a seller who was willing to sell it to me.


The design of the sword is very unique and original. I have never seen a sword like this before. it has an elegance to it, but there is also a vicious quality to it as well. I am glad that for the Elven character in the film, they didn't copy what had already been used in the Lord of Rings and decided to go in their own direction with it.

I can't say much for the construction, as it never states what sort of tang it is but it seems very sturdy in the hand.

A beautiful sword in its own right that reflects the character of Arya perfectly. This is my favourite out of the Eragon swords that I have.

The thing I wasn't to sure about was the way you hold the sword. You hold it so that the blade is curving away from you rather than towards you. Its like a reverse edged katana. However when you hold it, it feels perfect in the hand.

Also another thing I discovered. I found the website for the prop company who supplied the swords and weapons for the Eragon movie and they also worked on Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood (2010), Braveheart, V for Vendetta, Hellboy 2 and many others.

Whats weird though is they always use the same belt designs on their swords. Look at the new Robin Hood scabbard from Museum replicas, then look at the Universal frog and belt for the Eragon swords and then finally look at the belt on the kingdom of Heaven swords (not sure which one exactly).

I'm not sure if this design is a historical one but its repeated through a lot of different projects that the company works on.

Here is the website:

and now some pictures of Arya's sword:
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