Gimli Walking and Bearded Axes

Recently picked up both the walking and bearded axes. No photos here because you have all seen them...

Bearded Axe
At 6.8 pounds in weight its the most usable of the three axes. It could be swung repeatedly by mere humans (assuming the handle can take the loads).

Walking Axe
A monstrous 9 pounds! The thickness of the axe head at the shaft is 7/8" (21.5mm), almost double the thickness of the Battle Axe. Someone got a bit carried away when designing this "walking stick". Tried to use the axe as a walking stick and its much, much too heavy and there does not seem to be a comfortable way to grip it.

They could have shaved the head down to 1/2" or less (like the bearded axe) and modified the head so that it was lighter and comfortable to grip...

Rant over... ;)


Re: Gimli Walking and Bearded Axes

Bearded Axe of Gimli arrived today!

Sorry folks, but there won’t be any pictures for a while.
But there are a few others who have ordered it so they can post pics. (Mine will look just like theirs. :D )
Since Tim described it pretty accurately I won’t add to that.

I will say this, though, and I never thought I would, not about an axe!
The Bearded Axe is a worthy addition to any LOTR weapons collection.
Very realistic looking .

Beats the Walking Axe hands down.
Feels right, not top heavy, an axe you can actually carry comfortably.

Anyone who purchases it will not be disappointed.
If you can get it for $100 or less, that’s the icing on the cake.

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Re: Gimli Walking and Bearded Axes

I haven't seen the bearded for less but you're right, that's the average range. I love the look but I haven't loosened my grip on my wallet enough to dole out the extra cash. On the topic of the walking axe... I actually kinda like the thick, heavy, powerful hunk of axe head on it. The downside surely would be the walking axe being top heavy but hey, I don't own it (yet ;) ) so I can't say for sure..
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