Hanwei Solingen Rapier

Ok, so today I received my rapier and it was well worth the wait. The sword
is beautiful and feels really good in the hand. I have taken a few photos
for those of you who are interested in seeing it.


The handle is really attractive, and feels comfortable. At first I was worried
because of the wire wrapped grip, but it is comfortable and doesn't stick
into your hand

The pommel and guard/quillions are made from stainless steel for
"reduced maintenance".

at the top and the bottom of the hand grip there is small metal braided piece.
Really nice actually, finishes off thehandle really well

The blade:

made from high carbon steel, the blade is oiled so for now I wont be removing the
oil until I get some Renn wax. The blade itself isn't sharp, which is right for a rapier
I believe because it is designed more asa thrusting weapon rather than a slashing
one. I set up a few pieces of cardboard and gently thrust forward with the sword
and it went through with no trouble. I'm not sureif I'll be doing any other tests,
I have seen people use water filled bottles. I may try it in the future.

The really cool thing about this rapier and I thinkmost of the other rapiers produced
by Hanwei is that the blade is interchangeable. When youbuy the sword it comes
with the "live" blade which has the sharp tip, but you can buy "safety" blades to use
when sparring. Really cool that they made it work like that.


The scabbard is very simple, it has a steel throat and tip. I believe its made out of
fiberglass and it makes a "shiiiing" noise as you draw it, which I like by the way.

I am really pleased with this sword, I have been wanting to buy a rapier for a while
now, I had been putting it off but I watched the trailer for the new Three Musketeers
movie and fell in love with rapiers again.

I was torn between this and the Torino rapier, which is another cool one, but
I decided on this one.

This sword is light compared to the other swords I have, but there's still a nice
heft to it, and it feels really good in the hand. I like the way you grip a rapier,
putting your forefinger up onto the gaurd.

All in all, a really nice sword. Its also the first functional weapon I have bought
so I am not sure what else to review. But I really recommend this piece.
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Re: Hanwei Solingen Rapier

Wow, that wire wrapping is B-E-A-Utiful! All the pictures online do NOT give it justice. Great purchase, I am seriously considering it now!

I think the stainless steal is probably better for that hilt anyways. I sure is heck wouldn't want to have to oil and clean around that wire maze every week or month :)
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