Castle Kon: Review & Testimonial

Hey everyone,

As most of you know, one our members has recently started his own small business as an online retailer of United Cutlery items, as well as a few other things.

RevAnakin's goal was to give us the most competitive prices possible as well as working hard to obtain the lowest shipping quotes out there. In these endeavours, I am happy to say he suceeded admirably.

Here is a review of my recent e xp erience with Castle Kon:

I've long been awaiting the release of Sauron's Mace from UC, and despite the price on it being very affordable, I was dreading the shipping costs on a box that big. Preliminary rumblings from a couple of my usual go-to retailers were worrisome in that predictions were that the shipping on the Mace (from the US to Canada!!!) would be nearly as much as the cost of the Mace itself. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to this e xp ense. Knowing that I would not pass up on buying the Mace for this reason, I nevertheless prepared myself for the worst.

It was right around this time of crisis that Rev decided to go into business and announced that he would do his utmost to deliver affordability to his customers, and he sure did not disappoint. While it was difficult to make the Mace any cheaper, he still managed to reduce the price. What I was still most worried about though was the shipping cost, but Rev was soon able to tell me that he could get the Mace to me for a very reasonable price (about a third of the total cost rather than the predicted near-full price of the Mace itself.) Right there and then it was a no-brainer for me to become his very first customer for the Mace.

But that's not where the excellent customer service ended, not by a long-shot. Having heard from some folks that had already received this Mace from other retailers that there were damage issues, I requested that Rev please open and inspect my Mace upon arrival. I knew that others would be inclined to ask the same, creating an onerous task for Rev and the possibility of multiple returns to UC, but he was quite happy to do it and it proved to be a very good thing indeed.

Owing to issues with the polyresin sculpture of the Mace curing improperly in places, as well improper packaging, the first batch of Maces received by Castle Kon was fraught with problems, but Rev nevertheless soldiered on with painstakingly opening each box and carefully examining each Mace before posting detailed photos so that each buyer, myself included, could see exactly what they would be receiving. In the case of a Mace where the damage was simply beyond the threshold of acceptability, Rev didn't even consider asking his customers if they would buy it: it was simply returned for a new one.

I daresay there are very few sellers out there that would take the time and care to do all this for their customers. The sheer disappointment of receiving a damaged replica, coupled with the eternal hassle and sometimes e xp ense of returning said replica to the seller/manufacturer, is a pain that no one likes to deal with. With Castle Kon and Rev, this excruciating e xp erience is removed, and you are left only with best service ever, which when coupled with the lowest prices possible, leaves me as one happy customer who is very much looking forward to his next purchase. For that, I want to personally thank Rev for providing his fellow UCF members here with an invaluable service, the personal touch and prompt communication that accompanies every step of the transaction, and a willingness to make customer satifaction his number one goal.

Thank you, sir! :)
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Re: Castle Kon: Review & Testimonial

Thank you so much Val, I greatly appreciate the kind words! It was a pure pleasure to have you as my very first customer.

As many of you know this is a side venture for me, but I never wanted to provide anything less than amazing service and prices to you all. I am glad that I was able to accomplish that with all of your great patience that was an extra price you had to pay in order to get your perfect Sauron Mace.

I look forward to many more business interactions with you all while continuing our personal friendships we have formed over the years here on UCF.

Re: Castle Kon: Review & Testimonial

I'm so excited to be able to say I received my first item from Rev in perfect condition. Really fast ship of only 4 days out to me in Australia.

Many thanks to Rev for checking the Mace of Sauron before sending to ensure it was in good condition. Not only that, he also added some packing around the head of the mace to ensure it would be ok.

Thanks again my friend. Next order coming up....
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