The curious case of the Sauron Gauntlet

Well here's a weird one.

I've just got home from picking up a Sauron Gauntlet. I got it for £140 (not bad round here) - its missing its dome/stand and box/certificate, but having owned a UC Sauron Gauntlet before I know its the real deal.

Here is where it gets weird.

Firstly, someone has tried cleaning off some of the ageing (gun blueing?) leaving it bright steel. I have some gun blueing liquid so thats an easy fix.

Secondly, having owned this before, I was sure the one ring was placed on BEFORE the rest of the finger was riveted on (as it isn't removable). With this one, I noticed two cut lines in the ring, which upon some slight pulling, the ring fell into two halves! My first thought was 'Hey, the previous owner cut it off to sell it/didn't like it etc' - but looking closer, there are two solder marks on the inside, and the inside of the cuts - they are plated gold too! And the centre of each open end has a small square opening.

This makes me wonder that were the rings made in two halves, then just glued onto the gauntlet? or soldered? Or is this a weird prototype (which would explain the missing display and boxes etc)

Kit - if you're reading this, any info would be greatly appreciated! And if anyone else can get to their Sauron Gauntlet and take a closer look, that'd be awesome! As I said I don't remember my previous Gauntlet having this, but I may be wrong!

I have the ring that comes with the mace of Sauron so I'm not 9n any way bothered about it, just curious. I've added photos to show what I mean.
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Re: The curious case of the Sauron Gauntlet

The one on my gauntlet does not move at all and never has. I don't see a seam. The one that came with the Mace is obviously free-standing but I don't see a seam either. I think yours must've developed some manufacturing flaw along the way? I'm sure designing that part of the replicas was not Kit's department but maybe he can shed some light on it if he drops by.
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Re: The curious case of the Sauron Gauntlet

Idril wrote: I had a good look at mine. The ring spins around and no sign of a join. I'm thinking it broke or someone wanted to remove it?
Yeah thats how my first one was (This is the second one I've owned) its just odd how its gold plated on the inside of the cut, if you see what I mean. Implies that the two halves were plated separately. Huh, its an odd one. Would love to hear from Kit - if you're reading this!
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