Re: R.I.P. Nichelle Nichols

We have lost our beloved Nichelle, but now she is free to go Beyond Antares or wherever she wants to go. And the choir of Heaven sounds so much sweeter, with their brilliant new soloist.

I would strongly encourage anyone who has not seen the Nichols bio Woman in Motion to do so soon. She was remarkable, not only for playing a black female character who wasn't a cook or housekeeper, not only for the first interracial kiss on TV, but also for her work with NASA, helping them attract a more diverse astronaut corps. And through all of this, she remained ever bit as kind and humble as you would hope. I met her at a convention years ago and though we only had a moment, I was impressed by how nice and down to earth she was. She was one of a kind.
"Olorin I was in the West that is forgotten...."
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